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Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic - £15.00

We believe that a true skin tonic deserves a renaissance. It is a multi-functional skin care item used not only to cleanse, tone and gently balance the skin’s natural acid mantle but as a soothing hydrator which in warmer weather can totally replace a separate moisturiser.

To this end, this extra-strength tonic is undiluted with water so the skin can benefit fully from our special concentrated distillation rose petal hydrolat fortified with precious rose otto essential oil. Packed with antioxidant polyphenols and phytonutrients, it is highly effective at uplifting your senses, stimulating cell regeneration and calming redness of the most sensitive skin.


  • Regenerating and calming rose essential oil

  • Hydrating, soothing and toning rose flower water

  • 100% natural, organic


  • Suitable for Vegans.

  • Product is Soil Association Certified.

  • We use recyclable packaging that was manufactured in the UK and Western Europe. It has not been air freighted to us.

(Previously Essential Care Rose Petal Tonic. This Odylique Super Tonic has a minor formulation change that does not affect performance or scent.)

Margaret's Tip

Close your eyes and spritz onto the face, once or twice daily after cleansing. Ideal to refresh with on a hot day or on a plane.

Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic Award Winnig


Customer Reviews

DocJane, : "Brilliant product"
This is a really brilliant product. So many 'rose' fragrances smell chemical but this is so subtle. The most natural fragrance and soooo.... refreshing when spritzed on after cleansing or at any time you feel like it. I had my doubts when I saw that it had been reformulated but I needn't have worried. I love it. The spray itself is so fine. It feels really luxurious. And you know that it's safe for your delicate face skin.
Thank you for a great product.
Anonymous, : "Really, really great product!!"
I think your Rose [Petal] Toner is a really really great product!! I have been trying many many toners including foreign brands, such as from the US, France, and Japan. I just have experienced a bad skin reaction with an organic toner from a new-comer brand, which is by the way 3 times(!!) more expensive than the rose toner. I think we, women with sensitive skin, should be glad to have the Essential Care to rely on in the time of troubled skin.
Charlotte, : "Refreshing!"
Love this toner, the spritzer has been a real go to product during the humid weather, I even take it out with me when I go anywhere, its also very soothing and the rose smells just like the roses my mother had in our garden at the house I lived in as a child! Love it!
Ana, : "Versatile product"
This makes a great toner or face spritz for sensitive skins, especially good for skin that flushes easily. I pop mine in the fridge in the summer and it is heavenly. This has a gorgeous rose smell, fresh and crisp!
Mishuxox, : "Love!"
I absolutely love the Rose Petal Tonic!! Toners are another tricky thing I find for people with sensitive skin, but this is perfect! I have found in the past that toners make my skin feel itchy or too tight, but this one just makes my skin feel refreshed and heavenly lol! I've been using it for just under a year now, and use it daily, with no irritation or tightness. I keep mine in the fridge, for that extra freshness and a nice little pick me up lol. I've even used it as perfume, as it smells heavenly lol! xx

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